Grade 1 Admission Webinar

The Royal College Union is pleased to inform that the Admission Advisory and Management Committee has organized a special webinar for the benefit of members who are seeking admission for their sons to Royal College, for the admission year 2023, under the old boys category.

The webinar would discuss the requirements of the Marking Scheme as well as the documentary proofs expected for such marks.

The webinar will be held on Sunday, 26th June 2022 from 4.00pm onwards.

You are required to register through the below mentioned link before 23rd of June 5.00pm.

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Important Notice



Dear Royalists,

Whereas the Royal College Union represents the interests of the Old Boy fraternity and of the School, it has steadfastly remained apolitical in its outlook and all its activities.

Our attention has been drawn to claims by unidentified old Royalists in their individual capacities to engage in the ongoing public protests. Whilst we recognize the rights of individuals to act in an independent manner as dictated to by their own beliefs, we write to categorically disassociate the Royal College Union and the Royal College from rendering any form of mandate whatsoever for such actions/activities.

The Royal College Union will continue to unwaveringly promote and safeguard its core objectives of pursuing the interests of its members and in relation to the well-being of The ROYAL COLLEGE.

(Dr.) Hiran Wimalaratne


Royal College Union

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RCU Royalty Plus Privilege Scheme

The Membership Development & Services Committee (MD&SC) governed by the Royal College Union is responsible for membership development as well as providing facilities & services for the 20,000+ active member base.
The Membership Development & Services Committee (MD&SC) has launched RCU Royalty Plus, loyalty programme attracting leading local and international brands to partner with this program to offer unmatchable year round discounts and offers to the loyal members of the union and the valued staff of Royal College.

RCU Royalty Plus targets:

o  the existing active RCU member base of 20,000 members;

o  the 500 Royal College Staff (Academic/Nonacademic); 

o  and the 600+ new members joining the RCU each year.

Partner organization will provide exclusive offers for RCU members which are not standard offers available to the public. Partners will be required to authenticate the target audience (customers) through their RCU membership cards / staff IDs when required to ensure a person’s eligibility of claiming the said exclusive offer from partner organizations. The RCU member base consists of influential persons & industry  leaders who are influential both locally and internationally. We believe that this program will open doors to endless business opportunities for partner organizations and allow an opportunity to gain affluent RCU members as your loyal customers. By partnering with the RCU Loyalty programme, an organization will benefit through: 

o   Gaining an opportunity to increased revenue

o   Gaining exposure to new customers

o   Gaining more business opportunities

o   Enhancing your brand value by access to a professional & reputed network

o   Promoting exclusive offers with the RCU loyalty programme

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Royal College Rugby Rally 1st December 2019

The Rally to raise funds for Royal Rugby For the 2020 Season, is an exciting event organized to generate a minimum Fund of Rs2.0M. The funds will be utilized to support the development and welfare of Royal Rugby Players thru the season and will go towards Nutrition,Rehabilitation,Medical Needs And Meals. We , as the organizing Committee seek your support thru Participation As A Driver or thru a donation.Each Drivers contribution will be Rs25K and the Rally will be Approx 70KM s around Colombo and Suburbs and will commence From Royal College And End up At The Orient Club for Lunch and awards.The Duration of the Rally will be Approximately 3 Hours. Any Donations can be made to our Acct As Follows Seyla Bank Milleniun Branch Acct Royal College Rugby Rally Fund Account 0860 00041373 004.Pl advise your deposit details to Prdeep De Silva,Hon Treasurer to obtain an Official receipt.He can be contacted on or mobile 077 9158536.
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Annual School Medical Inspection program (SMI) For Grade 1, 4 and 7 students – 2019 by Royal College Doctors Association (RCDA)

Recognizing the importance of early screening of medical problems prevalent among school children, the volunteer hands at the Royal College Doctors’ Association (RCDA) carried out the Annual School Medical Inspection Program on 9th- 11th of July 2019, at the Royal College premises. In taking measures to detect and prevent diseases and ailments of subtle nature in order to ensure students’ uninterrupted wellbeing, studies, and sports, the RCDA with the patronage of the School health Officers from MOH, screened the students of Grade One, Four and Seven. In Each year, these medical examinations aimed at detecting, treating and following up on factors affecting the health and wellbeing of students such as the Nutritional status, Vision, hearing, psychological and other systemic medical illnesses. On first two days, nearly 60 Doctors from RCDA and the Ministry of Health examined around 700 students from Grade One and Four and on the second day, about 640 students of Grade Seven were examined. In addition by adhering to the National Guidelines on De-worming Children; de-worming treatment was provided to all the Primary section students of the Royal College. Of the students who took part in the medical checkup, those were identified with defects and diseases were referred to relevant specialized care for further investigation, treatment and follow up. On the third day, students of Grade Seven were given “adult Tetanus and Diphtheria” (aTD) vaccine. About 520 students received the vaccine, which was the highest number of vaccinations given in a SMI program totaling 74% immunity coverage against Tetanus and Diphtheria. A team of old Royalist medical officers who are specialized in Anesthesia, Critical & Emergency care, together with School health unit staff carried out the immunization project, making certain that there were not any adverse reactions to vaccines administered against diphtheria and tetanus. The effort and dedication of the medical ‘task force’ (RCDA) that is the Old Royalist Doctors who volunteer their expertise and sacrifice the time showing love, respect and care in returning the debt to their beloved Alma Mater must be commended and highly appreciated. A very special gratitude should be accorded to the organizers of the SMI 2019, Dr. H. R. Thambawita and Dr. P. D. Wijeratne of RCDA, for their untiring efforts in organizing and coordinating the event between the Schools Health office of the Ministry of Health and the Royal College to achieve highest immunization rate ever making this program a huge success.
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