95 Group becomes teachers, for the past teachers.


Having celebrated the 20th anniversary, the Group of ’95 being one of the dynamic groups in the RCU fraternity, is a group that identifies real needs of those who are both directly and indirectly connected with the college and undertake projects in order to bridge the identified concerns in the best possible manner they could, which was evident by the past projects successfully completed by them in view of repaying the debt they owed to the Alma Mater.. Replacing the ‘College Hall’ fans for the betterment of the students in the upper school and of those who attend meetings there, refurbishing of the hostel reading room for hostellers, who stay away from their homes, fabricating an iron enclosure for electrical distribution units around ‘Navarangahala’ post the refurbishment with safety of the primary students in mind, to name a few…..

This year the target audience was the past teachers, who taught and molded the old Royalists, to become what they are today. Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” was made true by them on the 28th of May, when they taught the past teachers on IT social media, which is no longer a luxury and has become a part of our life. This session was organized in collaboration with the past teachers’ association on their request. Members of the group were given the opportunity to sponsor the teachers for this training, for which the response and the support received from both those residing locally as well as overseas was excellent.

Participation was overwhelming, with over 140 teachers attending! For a moment, the teachers became students, taking all of them down memory lane, where there were students talking with each other, when they were taught by the teachers …..

Mr. S.H. Kumarasinghe who was the Principal in 1995 the year the group left school addressing the gathering, thanked the group for organizing such an event to improve the skills of the past teachers, particularly when the country was experiencing a calamity, with floods and landslides, affecting thousands of families.

The areas covered were, an introduction to the Internet, creating email IDs, Facebook accounts and an introduction to ‘WhatsApp’, with a handbook given to each of them for future reference and assistance. A mug was also given to each one of them, as a souvenir.

Many teachers were so enthusiastic in educating themselves by asking questions, for which the solutions were provided rapidly by the group members, which made the group resolve to make this an annual event.

The event was followed by a grand lunch at Maharaja Palace, situated just opposite the College.

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