Annual School Medical Inspection Programme (SMI) – 2016

Recognizing the importance of frequent medical examinations amongst school children, the volunteer hands at the Royal College Doctors’ Association (RCDA) carried out the annual screening programme from the 24th to the 26th May, at the College premises.

In taking measures to detect and prevent diseases and to ensure students’ well-being, studies and sports are not affected by preventable ailments , the RCDA with the patronage of the School Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, screened students of grade one, four and seven. Each year, these medical examinations determine factors affecting the health of students such as the nutritional status, vision, hearing, psychological and other systemic illnesses.

A team of old Royalist medical officers specialized in critical and emergency care, carried out an immunization project, making certain there were no adverse reactions to vaccines administered against diphtheria and tetanus.

On the first day, over 50 Doctors from RCDA and the Ministry of Health, examined nearly 850 students of grade one and four and on the second day, about 700 students of grade seven were examined. On the third day, students of grade seven were given the adult tetanus and diphtheria (DT) vaccine. About 380 students received the vaccine, which was the highest number of vaccinations given in an SMI programme. Of the students who took part in the medical checkup, those who were diagnosed with defects and diseases were referred to relevant authorities for investigation, treatment and follow up.

The dedication of the medical ‘task force’ at RCDA, the Old Royalists who volunteered their expertise and sacrificed the time, must be commended and appreciated not only for the treatments but also for the love and care given, in giving back to their beloved Alma mater.

Special thanks to the organizers of the SMI, Dr. Sandacan Waduge, Dr. Chrishantha Wijenayake, and Dr. Chamikara Dissanayake, for their meticulous coordination of the event between the Schools Health office and the College, and their untiring efforts in making this event a success.

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