Joining the ranks of Royal College after facing the grade five scholarship exam successfully from around the country are proud young Royalists, who were welcomed at the Navarangahala on February 23. Members of RCG ‘72 welcomed the eager youngsters by gifting them a gift pack that included branded Blue & Gold ™ merchandise and a backpack and stationery worth Rs 2500/=. “Our group has funded this donation for over four years now,” said Amjad Ameen Secretary of RCG ’72. “And we hope it makes a fond addition to the newcomers in making them feel they are welcome among us,” he said. This year, 176 Grade 5 scholarship students were welcomed to Grade 6 at Royal College. Speaking about this generous donation, former RCU Secretary and a pioneer in initiating this donation, Rizan Nazeer said “This is a way of showing these boys that we welcome them to Royal College with open arms and to make them feel that they too are one of us,”

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Social Services League

Adding to this meritorious deed, essential items were donated to the children’s ward (number 17) by the Old Royalists Social Service League (ORSSL). Lunch was provided to all who participated in the programme at the college main hall and was also sponsored by the ORSSL.

The old boys of the ORSSL concluded their donation with another contribution made to college which consisted of four water filters for use in the Royal College Hostel.

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RCDA donation to the Orthodontic Unit at Lady Ridgeway

Doctors at the Royal College Doctors’ Association (RCDA) made a donation worth Rs 100000/-to the Orthodontic Unit at Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) for children on February 21st . The donation was handed over to Dr. Sriyani Basnayaka, Consultant Clinical Orthodontist by Principal Royal College Upali Gunasekara, at the ortho-dental clinic at LRH.

This donation will benefit 100 children with very significant upper jaw protrusions that if left untreated, would affect them aesthetically and functionally.  Waiting in queues for years would have reduced responsiveness of the jaw bones to the functional appliance therapy. Early diagnose and prevention would avoid long term treatments that are expensive and at times not effective.

President of RCDA Dr. AjithThennakoon, Asst. President RCDA Dr. Dasun Perera and  members of Royal College Union and were present at this donation.

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