Annual Teachers Health Screening Programme – 2016

The Royal College Doctors’ Association successfully conducted its annual health screening programme for the present and past teachers of theCollege and their spouses. for the 14th successive year, on the 21st of February.

, Principal of Royal College Mr.B.A.Abeyratne graced the occasion as the chief guest, while, former principals of Royal College Mr.B. Sooriarachchi & Mr. S.H. Kumarasinghe were present as  guests of honour.

, President of Royal College past teachers’ association Captain M.N.Dharmarathne, , Deputy Principal of the senior school Mr. Wickramasinghe, Assistant principals Mrs.Lalani Jayathilake & Miss. Murugesu, Mr.Sudath Liyanagunawardena, Hostel warden Mr.Aruna De Silva, , the assistant secretary of the RCU Mr.Mithila Mendis,  president of the RCDA Dr.Ajith Thennakoon and the secretary of the RCDA Dr.Yasas Abeywickreme were among the distinguished guests present.


Over 200 teachers, both past and present, attended the screening programme.  Nearly 200 doctors, all old Royalist, from diverse speciality areas   including those of medicine, surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, pulmonology, cardiology, orthopeadics, radiology, oromaxillary surgery, ophthalmology, gyneacology, plastic surgery, oncology, gastroenterology, diabetology, rheumatology, dermatology, otolaryngology, endocrinology, psychiatry, vascular surgery, and nutrition gathered to offer their services in gratitude to the teachers of their alma-mater, as a means of repaying their debt.

Following a basic medical examination, the teachers were directed to the relevant clinical specialty.

All the teachers were subjected to baseline investigation such as: fasting blood sugar, serum cholesterol, and the HbA1C for those  with diabetes.

A Memory screening was carried out for those who are over 50 years of age.


A detailed examination of vision was also conducted; and those in need were provided with spectacles at a concessionary price.


A mobile lab equipped with sophisticated ophthalmic instruments designed  to detect diseases of eye retina  was provided by “Vision Care”.


Arrangements were made to provide facilities such as ultrasonography of the abdomen and pelvis, electrocardiography and assessment of lung functions and physiotherapy sessions. Those in need of echocardiography assessment were directed to the cardiology unit of the National hospital of Sri Lanka, where the relevant investigations were conducted on the very same day .

A team of Oro-maxillary surgeons, equipped with the dental chairs owned by the RCDA, conducted an oral & dental hygiene programme; focusing on  dental issues, whilst providing services such as scaling and dental fillings.


A specialist well woman clinic & cancer screening programme managed  by gynaecologists  and oncologists  took place alongside the teachers clinic. These specialists conducted on site examinations and investigations in order to screen for gynaecological malignancies & breast cancer.


A specialist clinical nutritionist provided individualized sessions on dietary assessments and dietary modifications for those with metabolic disorders  and abnormal body mass indices.

The RCDA applauds, the chief organizer of the teachers clinic 2016 Dr. Kapila Palpola, on a job well done; while acknowledging the effort of the sedulous and efficient  team of doctors who worked tirelessly with him for the past three months up to the run up of the event, in order to make this event a roaring success.

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Annual Hostel health Screening Programme – 2016

Annual Hostel health Screening Programme – 2016

Hostellers are a very important set of individuals at Royal College, who have gained entry, after having secured highest marks at the Grade 5 scholarship examination.

With the objective of  promoting  health and wellbeing of the teenage hostellers, staying far away from their parents, The Royal College Doctors Association (RCDA) conducted the annual  Health screening programme  on the 8th of May,

.Over 200 Students were screened in total and, among them there were two children who were diagnosed with  heart murmurs and one  with undiagnosed absent seizures. In addition, there were many with visual problems including a child with very poor vision of both eyes which needed urgent attention.

Specialists Doctors in the areas of General Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Orthopaedics Surgery, Cardiology, and Chest Medicine were present for specialized consultations and management. Eye and Dental clinics were also stationed for detailed and extensive screening and treatment. For those students who were diagnosed with chronic illnesses, referral letters were issued to specialized clinics for further investigations and follow ups.

Principal of Royal College Mr. B.A.Abeyrathne, , Warden, Royal College Hostel Mr. Chulathissa, and  the secretary of the RCU Mr. Athula Munasinghe, , President of the RCDA Dr.Ajith Thennakoon, were present at the event.

This event was organised by Dr. Sathika Wijesekera, Dr. M.J.M. Mikram and Dr. Hareendra Kahawitharana.

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RC 95G Comittee members

Royal College Main Canteen to be converted into a model school canteen by RC Group of 2006

Serving over 3,000 students and staff members  daily  and extending its services to outsiders who visit the College for  numerous events held during school holidays, Royal College Main Canteen is undoubtedly one of the busiest school canteens in Colombo.

With the intention of celebrating their 10th  anniversary, the Royal College Group of 2006 (RCG 2006) laid out several key objectives, to convert the College Main Canteen, into a model school canteen.

The objectives of this project are as follows:-

  • To improve infrastructural aspects of the premises,
  • To ensure hygiene in the dining area and in the kitchen area,
  • To introduce aesthetic aspects
  • To improve the attitudes of the students
  • To make the entire operation in the canteen, eco-friendly.

The first phase of the Royal College Main Canteen Renovation and Maintenance Project was successfully completed and handed over to the School Development Society by the Royal College Group of 2006 at a total cost of Rupees One million and one hundred thousand (Rs. 1, 100,000.00) on 04th January 2016. Principal – Mr. Upali Gunasekara, President of RCG 2006 – Mr. Suvinda Cooray, Secretary RCU- Mr. Athula Munasinghe, Secretary SDS – Mr. Manoj De Silva, Deputy Chairman ORGACO – Mr. Abhaya Amaradasa, Secretary LPMC – Mr. Kamal Abeysinghe and representatives of the Royal College Group of 2006 graced the occasion.

The Royal College Group of 2006 is looking forward to continue this project with not only to convert the College Main Canteen into a model school canteen but also to assist the School authorities in  maintaining, in the long run.

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Annual School Medical Inspection Programme (SMI) – 2016

Recognizing the importance of frequent medical examinations amongst school children, the volunteer hands at the Royal College Doctors’ Association (RCDA) carried out the annual screening programme from the 24th to the 26th May, at the College premises.

In taking measures to detect and prevent diseases and to ensure students’ well-being, studies and sports are not affected by preventable ailments , the RCDA with the patronage of the School Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, screened students of grade one, four and seven. Each year, these medical examinations determine factors affecting the health of students such as the nutritional status, vision, hearing, psychological and other systemic illnesses.

A team of old Royalist medical officers specialized in critical and emergency care, carried out an immunization project, making certain there were no adverse reactions to vaccines administered against diphtheria and tetanus.

On the first day, over 50 Doctors from RCDA and the Ministry of Health, examined nearly 850 students of grade one and four and on the second day, about 700 students of grade seven were examined. On the third day, students of grade seven were given the adult tetanus and diphtheria (DT) vaccine. About 380 students received the vaccine, which was the highest number of vaccinations given in an SMI programme. Of the students who took part in the medical checkup, those who were diagnosed with defects and diseases were referred to relevant authorities for investigation, treatment and follow up.

The dedication of the medical ‘task force’ at RCDA, the Old Royalists who volunteered their expertise and sacrificed the time, must be commended and appreciated not only for the treatments but also for the love and care given, in giving back to their beloved Alma mater.

Special thanks to the organizers of the SMI, Dr. Sandacan Waduge, Dr. Chrishantha Wijenayake, and Dr. Chamikara Dissanayake, for their meticulous coordination of the event between the Schools Health office and the College, and their untiring efforts in making this event a success.

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95 Group becomes teachers, for the past teachers.


Having celebrated the 20th anniversary, the Group of ’95 being one of the dynamic groups in the RCU fraternity, is a group that identifies real needs of those who are both directly and indirectly connected with the college and undertake projects in order to bridge the identified concerns in the best possible manner they could, which was evident by the past projects successfully completed by them in view of repaying the debt they owed to the Alma Mater.. Replacing the ‘College Hall’ fans for the betterment of the students in the upper school and of those who attend meetings there, refurbishing of the hostel reading room for hostellers, who stay away from their homes, fabricating an iron enclosure for electrical distribution units around ‘Navarangahala’ post the refurbishment with safety of the primary students in mind, to name a few…..

This year the target audience was the past teachers, who taught and molded the old Royalists, to become what they are today. Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” was made true by them on the 28th of May, when they taught the past teachers on IT social media, which is no longer a luxury and has become a part of our life. This session was organized in collaboration with the past teachers’ association on their request. Members of the group were given the opportunity to sponsor the teachers for this training, for which the response and the support received from both those residing locally as well as overseas was excellent.

Participation was overwhelming, with over 140 teachers attending! For a moment, the teachers became students, taking all of them down memory lane, where there were students talking with each other, when they were taught by the teachers …..

Mr. S.H. Kumarasinghe who was the Principal in 1995 the year the group left school addressing the gathering, thanked the group for organizing such an event to improve the skills of the past teachers, particularly when the country was experiencing a calamity, with floods and landslides, affecting thousands of families.

The areas covered were, an introduction to the Internet, creating email IDs, Facebook accounts and an introduction to ‘WhatsApp’, with a handbook given to each of them for future reference and assistance. A mug was also given to each one of them, as a souvenir.

Many teachers were so enthusiastic in educating themselves by asking questions, for which the solutions were provided rapidly by the group members, which made the group resolve to make this an annual event.

The event was followed by a grand lunch at Maharaja Palace, situated just opposite the College.

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A worthy cause by the RCU, going beyond the boundaries

Royal College Union (RCU) the old-boys’ arm of the Royal College was started on 17 January 1891 It has no doubt weathered many storms from the Victorian times up to now and evolved into a modern alumni association fully aware and sensitive to the ground situation of the country and the needs of the present student population of Royal College. The student population of the College has now evolved as a microcosm of the Sri Lankan population, with children from all races, religions, all walks of life rubbing shoulders with each other.


This composition, while being a good fermenting process to mould children to face the future Sri Lankan and world society, has its own problems that our forefathers who brought forth the union in 1891 did not have or even could imagined. However, we have not only successfully faced them but also conquered them to assist our Alma Mater, to continue to be the top most primary and secondary education institution in the country.

It is also important to note that the RCU, its affiliates and member groups spend approximately 30 million rupees (SLR) annually towards co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports, skills development, scholarship awarding, student welfare, teachers welfare and other activities of our alma-mater. In addition the RCU has over the years built and donated many infrastructure facilities valued over approximately 400 million rupees (SLR), such as the RC Sports Complex, Swimming pool, new Hostel building, Skills Development, Career guidance and counselling centre and JRJ Pavilion amongst many others.

As a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative the RCU organizes the annual EDEX exhibition (Sri Lanka’s largest Higher Education and Careers exhibition) which also makes the single most significant financial contribution to the RCU trust.

The Unionlooks after the requirements of needy and academically, aesthetically or athletically capable students via the Loyalty Pledge scheme. Funds are obtained from generous old boys and well-wishers who voluntarily donate money to the scheme periodically – monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. and scholarships are awarded to the needy students.


Going beyond on the CSR root to celebrate it’s Quasquicentennial year on the 6th of October, members ofthe RCU (by partnering with “Trail 2016”)will be walking from Northern Point Pedro to Southern Dondra Head for 28 days, with the aim of raising USD 5 million, in order to build a cancer treatment facility, as part of an extension of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital in Galle.

Established in 1982, the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital is the 3rd largest national hospital in the country and the most accessed healthcare centre in the Southern part of Sri Lanka. In 2015, the hospital recorded its highest number of cancer related deaths and national incidence is on the rise. In addition, it has seen a dramatic influx of patients traveling from surrounding provinces seeking treatment. The hospital is understaffed and over capacity – it is in dire need of an expansion.

The facility will be named as “Royal College Union – Childrens’ ward”.

The– Trail 2016 is the ‘Walk Back’ post the success of Trail 2011 brought to light the powerful impact created when individuals across the country were united in building Tellippalai Trail Cancer Hospital in Jaffna.

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Commander of the SL Army felicitated at Royal

Newly appointed Commander of the Sri Lankan Army, Lieutenant General A W J C De Silva was welcomed to Royal College on September 29th in felicitation of his achievements and as Chief Guest to the Prefects’ Induction Ceremony.
The Lieutenant General was accompanied to the Junior Grounds to receive Guard of Honour after paying due respect at the College War Memorial. He was then accompanied to the junior grounds to witness the Guard of Honour carried out by the College Cadets in lieu of the occasion.
Appointed as the 21st Commander of the Sri Lanka Army in February this year, he received his education at Royal College. He spoke of his humble beginnings at Royal College as the foundation for his achievements. His presence at the Prefects’ Injunction inspired the students who took oaths as Junior Prefects, to give 100% commitment in everything they do, may it be academics or extracurricular activities honouring the title of their badge.
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The Quasquicentennial celebrations of the Royal College Union (RCU)

The Quasquicentennial celebrations of the Royal College Union fell on the 17th of January 2016. To commemorate this landmark year, several events have been scheduled, celebrating all that is wonderful about Royal College and the RCU.

The first such event was the formal black-tie dinner held on the 17th of January 2016 at the Oak Room, Cinnamon Grand hotel, where the school, the Union, its history and heritage were toasted and recounted.

This formal dinner was exclusively for Old Royalists and their spouses/partners.

The evening commenced with pre-dinner cocktails at the Atrium lobby. Members of the Royal College Choir were in attendance and kept the guests entertained.

Four Hundred and Fifty Royalists and their spouses/partners graced this special event.

The Royal College Eastern Band ushered in the Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe – Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in to the Oak Room, rest of the distinguished guests followed closely behind.

Formal proceedings commenced at 8.30 p.m. with the singing of the National Anthem and the College song. Music was provided by the Sri Lanka Navy band.

Mr. Mahen Perera – Chairman, RCU 125th Anniversary Celebrations Committee, delivered the toast to H.E. the President of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Ranil De Silva – Chairman of the RCU formal dinner Committee, proposed the toast to Absent Friends.

Thereafter, Mr. Ken Balendra took to the podium to introduce Mr. Eustace Lorenz Pereira, a highly accomplished and distinguished Old Boy of Royal College.

Mr. Lorenz Pereira proposed the toast to Royal College and the Principal of Royal College responded to it.

Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe – Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, proposed the toast to the RCU and Mr. Athula Munasinghe – Secretary of the RCU, responded duly.

Mr. Sarinda Unamboowe delivered the ‘after-dinner’ speech

All guests were treated to a six-course gourmet dinner along with Red & White wines and Champagne

The Formal dinner proceedings concluded at 11.00 p.m. and thereafter, guests moved over to the ‘Sequel’ for the after-party.


  • Capital Alliance Limited (CAL)
  • LOLC
  • Master Card
  • Brandix
  • Sri Lankan Airlines
  • Citrus Events
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Garlands of gratitude by RCG ’96

A fond gathering of students andteachers took place at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institutein October 2015.

RC group of ’96 invited 160 teachers, those who were in the college from the year 1983 – 1996,to enjoy an evening of reminiscing and merriment.

Principal Upali Gunasekara, former principals B Sooriyaarachchi and S. Kumarasinghe were among the invitees to the gathering.

It was a wonderful experience. I met my grade 1 class teacher after 33 years of first meeting her at Royal,’ said AmindaSamarawickrama President of RCG ‘96.

He further said that the teachers were very happy and proud to be with their students and shared many memories of their time at college.

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An international Rugby experience for fans at Bradby Fiesta 2016

As the ‘Lions’ clash with the ‘Elephants’ in their own backyard at the first leg of the 72nd Bradby Shield , the Royal College Union (RCU) has worked tirelessly to ensure that the 3rd annual Bradby Fiesta scheduled to be held on 30 April 2016 will be nothing short of spectacular.

Quote : Chairman of the Bradby Fiesta Committee Rizan Nazeer

As the Royal College Union celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, The Bradby Fiesta is scaling up to reach even greater heights than the last two events. This year’s fiesta will see an inclusion of an exclusive Rugby zone with exciting Rugby games courtesy of HSBC. Furthermore, former Wallaby Captain and HSBC Rugby Ambassador George Gregan will meet and greet Rugby fans young and old at the HSBC Rugby zone. This will be first time Sri Lanka will witness a world class Rugby zone and Rugby legend in one location. All this is made possible by HSBC, the main sponsor of the Fiesta for the 3rd consecutive year.

Tharanga Gunasekera – Head of Marketing and Communications for HSBC Sri Lanka, commenting said, “Rugby is one of the popular sports supported by HSBC globally and we are delighted to leverage on our global Rugby footprint as an international bank to introduce a world class Rugby experience to fans here in Sri Lanka. The Rugby zone is one that will be very similar for instance to that at the HSBC / Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Sevens tournament and other global Rugby tournaments experienced by ardent fans. We are also happy to present our Rugby Ambassador and former WallabyCaptain – George Gregan here in Sri Lanka. This is undoubtedly going to be a treat for all Rugby fans young and old at the 3rdBradby Fiesta that HSBC will support as its main sponsor for the 3rd consecutive year.”

Bradby Fiesta 2016 will be partnered by Softlogic Holdings PLC for the first time.
Softlogic would bring in a diverse flavour to this exciting event by showcasing its impressive line up of Consumer Electronics from state of the art LED TVs, home theater systems to mobile handsets, laptops and kitchen appliances. The stall will no doubt add color to the day’s festivities. Ford, the iconic US automobile brand would be present showcasing its line up of sought after vehicles from the Ford Everest to the Focus.

A special game zone for kids will be set up by Milo for the young ones to enjoy throughout the day.

The fiesta will kick off at 10.00 am and go on until 12.00 mid night at the Bloomfield Grounds in Colombo. Trinity supporters who arrive in Colombo via train, will be received by Royal supporters and the ensuing comradeship and festive atmosphere will be sure to kick start the Bradby Fiesta in its true spirit. A number of five-star restaurants will be ready to dish out great food and beverages in true hawker street style, while Sri Lanka’s best known musicians; Black, Misty, Bathiya & Santhush, Sunil Perera, Corinne Almeida and Manilal will set the stage for an electrifying evening of non stop live music. Adding to the entertainment will be DJ music, The Royal College drum fusion and the students’ band who will also provide entertainment in addition to the various fun carnival rides.

The Bradby Shield encounter will be telecast live on LED screens at Bloomfield so that fans at the fiesta can join in the fun and cheer on their favorite team if one is unable to secure a ticket to enter the Royal College sports complex.

Furthermore, all HSBC credit cardholders will be allowed free entrance to the Bradby fiesta. Other partners of Bradby Fiesta 2016 include Nestlé, CEAT, Elephant House Ice Cream and My Cola.

All Rugby lovers young and old are invited to witness undoubtedly the biggest ever rugby extravaganza in Sri Lanka.

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