Secretary's Message

Dear Gentlemen,

With the COVID-19 pandemic, our society and the world at large are grappling with a crisis of significant proportions, the likes of which we have not seen before. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, and wish the world a speedy recovery.

While individual safety is paramount at this juncture, it is my belief that as Royalists we must also strive to make a positive impact to help our nation’s recovery. With this thought in mind, the Royal College Union has established a volunteer group ‘RCYOU’ as a community service initiative.

Through ‘RCYOU’ we will be able to make an impact while staying safe in our homes. ‘RCYOU’ will direct donations to fund those in need while also sourcing goods and services to support the battle against the pandemic. All donations and sourcing will be verified by industry professionals and we will keep consistent contact with necessary authorities in order to provide effective and timely relief.

I hope we can join hands in spirit and do our part as a responsible community.

Let’s lend a helping hand!

Mithila Mendis,
Royal College Union.

Project description

‘RCYOU’ is the volunteer group established by the Royal College Union focusing on community service and assisting the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project is a two tiered approach to assist the efforts to contain the pandemic by creating a virtual platform to donate and volunteer.

  1. Funding – Donors can contribute financially via the RCU account which will fund those in need.
  1. Sourcing (Goods and Services) – Volunteers can connect through a google database to help source necessary goods and services through direct donations or contacts.

All aid will be verified and monitored by industry professionals  based on timely requirements. The efforts will be made after due consultation with the necessary authorities.

Funding information

All donations are to be made to the following account.

Bank Name – Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

Swift Code – CCEYLKLX

Account Name – Royal College Union

Account Number – 1116016799

Branch- Reid Avenue

We would appreciate if you could forward proof of donation (photograph of deposit slip/E- reciept) to us via e-mail to fc@localhost/rcu *AND* rcyou@localhost/rcu

Contact Information

RCYOU – Royalists For a Cause –