Statement by

The Royal College Union


Unsubstantiated and baseless allegations have been made in the media of impropriety on the part of the Royal College Union (RCU) through direct and indirect references pertaining to the Grade 1 admissions to Royal College. Unknown to the general public, but closely observed by the engaged community at Royal College, we have witnessed various parties attempting to discredit the RCU and distance the RCU from activities in which we are involved exclusively for the betterment of the school.


It is no secret that the RCU has been the “watch dog” that has protected the interests of the school for more than a century. Actions to distance the RCU and attempts to promote hidden agendas are not in the interest of the eight thousand students of today and generations to come, who will rely on the school for a sound educational foundation.


We are aware of spurious attempts by internal and external parties to discredit the RCU and have observed these actions with great dismay. Our efforts to engage with such parties to bring sanity and avoid the damaging impact on the students and the school have unfortunately borne no tangible results.


We wish to place on record our categorical denial of alleged misdeeds on the part of the RCU in the matter of school admissions and further state that, we will strongly support an impartial inquiry on improprieties, if any, to bring the culprits to book.


Further, we wish to place on record that, the RCU has only played a supporting and facilitating role in the Grade 1 admission process. The School Administration and the Education Ministry have been the sole authority on the matter of admissions. Hence, we find it perplexing as to why the RCU has been singled out and criticized in the matter of Grade 1 admissions – 2017.
The Royal College Union (RCU) for the past 125 years has been the Alumni Association which has supported Royal College through many challenges. The unreserved and unparalleled support that has been extended through many aspects including major infrastructure development, volunteer support and organized activity has benefited Royal College over many generations.

It has never been the intention of the RCU to publicly announce the activities we have performed for the benefit of the school, as our objectives have solely been to serve and not be in the limelight. The RCU has galvanized resources and efforts of past pupils of Royal College, in Sri Lanka and overseas, and built assets with a value over Rupees One 
Billon for the benefit of the school.

The RCU operates more than 36 committees which are actively engaged in raising funds and supporting various activities in the school which involve sports, ICT education, career guidance, counseling and many more. These committees require the continuous engagement of over 400 old boys for the benefit of the school, who sacrifice their personal time and resources for the love of their school.


The baseless allegations, incited by some interested parties with hidden agendas, have only served to blemish the good name of the School and the RCU. Such allegations and hidden agendas will impact on the future unstinted support of the RCU for the well-being and development of the school.


We beseech all responsible Old Royalists and loyal citizens of Sri Lanka to put aside mundane affiliations and stand united for the future of public school education with fairness & equity.


It is imperative that transparency prevails and all evidence is tabled, exposing those who are guilty so that there may be closure of this vexing issue fueled by innuendos, half-truths and veiled threats.


The RCU stands united in this plea for justice, equity and transparency.






The Royal College Union

For and on behalf of the Vice Presidents and Trustees of the RCU