05 Day Royal College Primary Section Swimming Carnival 2018

The Primary Section of Royal College had its first ever five day Swimming Carnival from 07th to 11th May 2018 at the College Swimming Pool


The main objective of this  event was to promote sports, amongst children in the junior grades especially  promote swimming . Throughout the Carnival, there were ample opportunities for the youngsters to take part in some kind of an aquatic  game, even for those  who are unable  to swim at all.. As swimming is mostly considered  an individual game, these activities were included also in order to promote the team spirit amongst the children.


This was a magnificent event with a participation of approximately 69% of the total student population  in the Primary Section. As this was held for the first time in the history of Royal College  with no any benchmarks to follow, the process facilitation had to be  done by the Old Royalists’ HR Professionals’ Association (ORHRPA) on a request of the College Authorities. “This would be just a start of a long journey for swimming  at Royal College. A well-structured approach resulted in this remarkable success with the support of the College senior leadership team and the parent groups, appointed with varying responsibilities, as the organizing committee”  stated Prabhash Hettiarachchi,  President  –  ORHRPA. Furthermore, he appreciated the leadership support given by the senior leadership of the College,  Secretary of the RCU, Mrs. Subhodha Samarasinghe,  Teacher-in-charge of Swimming of the Primary Section and Mr. Nishantha de Costa, the Head Coach and his team.


A separate solemn award ceremony was held in the presence of Director of Sports  in the Ministry of Education, Col. Manjula Kariyawasam as the Chief Guest and Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe  former Navy Commander  & High Commissioner to Australia as the Guest of Honour at Navarangahala, on 31st May 2018.

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Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the Royal College Union (RCU) will be held on Saturday, 21st July 2018 at 4:30 p.m. at the Royal College Main Hall.


The Agenda will be to present the proposed amendments to the constitution.


Entry to the meeting will be on production of the Royal College Union Membership Card and National Identity Card, except in the case of new members whose Membership Cards have not been issued. They should produce the original payment receipt for membership issued by the Union with the National Identity Card.


The Dress Code for the Meeting is Office attire with College Tie.


Athula Munasinghe



Royal College Union


17th June 2018

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Royal College Union ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Royal College Union (RCU) will be held on Saturday, 21st July 2018 at 4:45 p.m. at the Royal College Main Hall.


The Agenda and the nomination forms for Age Groups will be available from 20th June 2018 for members to download and print from the RCU website. (Please visit www.localhost/rcu/downloads/).


Nominations for age Groups should be submitted in hardcopy, to reach the undersigned on or before 12:00 noon on 11th July 2018 at the RCU office.


Minutes, reports and accounts will be made available to members at the Royal College Union office from 06th July 2018.


Voting for the Age Group representatives will commence at 1:00 p.m. and conclude at 4:00 p.m. on 21st July 2018. Polling Cards will not be issued after 3:45 p.m.


Members seeking election to statutory bodies of the Council, who are unable to be present at the Annual General Meeting should intimate to the undersigned in writing their willingness to serve in such bodies in the event they are elected.  Such intimations should reach the undersigned by 16th July 2018.


Any resolutions to be tabled at the Annual General Meeting should also be received by the undersigned in writing, at the Royal College Union office not later than 01st July 2018.


Entry to the meeting and eligibility to vote will be on production of the Royal College Union Membership Card and National Identity Card, except in the case of new members whose Membership Cards have not been issued.  They should produce the original payment receipt for membership issued by the Union with the National Identity Card.


The Dress Code for the Meeting is Office attire with College Tie.


Athula Munasinghe



Royal College Union


17th June 2018

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Royal Rugby Rally

Rally for Royal Rugby

The “Royal Rugby Rally” in support of Royal Rugby for the 2018 season was held on Sunday the 17th of December 2017. The event started off with breakfast and a briefing at the college hall before the fist vehicle was flagged off by Mr Athula Munasinghe at around 9.00 am.  A number of Royalists as well as a few Thomians participated in the event.

The course was roughly 70km long and took the participants approximately 2.5 hours to complete. Apart from driving to the allotted time for each segment, participants had to complete a number of challenges at the 10 check points on the route. The results of each challenge and the driver’s ability to stick to the assigned time for each segment counted towards the vehicles score.

The winners of the inaugural “Royal Rugby Rally” was Ashhar Hameem and Ayaan Hameem. Rehab Mahamoor and Rameez Mahamoor came in in second and Sahan Bakmiwewa and Sarinda Malavige took out the second runner up trophy. In true Thomian fashion, Charitha Gunaratne and Maithri Gunaratne were awarded the wooden spoon.

A big thank you goes out to the main sponsors of the event, the Automobile Association, Jaguar Land Rover (SML Frontier Automotive (Pvt) Ltd), The Senaratne Group of Companies, Maharaja Pvt Ltd and Asia Securities.

Mr Athula Munasinghe flagging off the first car at the inaugural Royal Rugby Rally held on the 17th of December 2017
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Grade 6 Medical Screening Programme-2018


The annual medical screening programme for the students of grade 6 was conducted for the 16th consecutive year, on the 8th of May 2018, from 7.30 am to 10.30 am at the grade 6 building premises. This programme was organized by the Royal College Doctors Association (RCDA) in collaboration with Loyalty Pledge(LP). Principal, deputy principals, vice principals, senior games master of Royal College and assistant secretary of the RCU graced the occasion. Dr Sandacan Waduge and Dr Nayanajith Komasaru were the chief organizers of the event and Miss Sharlene de Chickera was the coordinator of Loyalty Pledge. 15 RCDA members were assigned as coordinators for each class. The programme was conducted with the participation of 60 doctors including Dr Ajith Tennakoon (President-RCDA), senior office bearers of the Loyalty Pledge including Mr Abhaya Amaradasa (Chairman-LP) and Edex and 45 prefects/stewards.

Of the 698 students of grade 6, 654 students participated in the screening program that featured symptoms analysis, BMI (body mass index) assessment, hearing and vision checks and general medical examinations. 305 students were identified as having medical problems and of these students 42 had multiple problems. The following is a summary of the medical problems identified.

Problem Number
1 Impaired Vision 87
2 Dental 78
3 Over weight 76
4 Under weight 60
5 Psychological 13
6 Dermatological 11
7 Respiratory 07
8 ENT 02
9 Developmental 02
10 Speech 01
11 Cardiological 01
12 Urological 01
13 Paediatric Surgical Issues 01
14 Other 15



All eye referrals were taken over by Dr Hiranya Abeysekera (Consultant Paediatric Eye Surgeon) and all nutritional referrals were taken over by Dr SBT Weerasekara and Dr Ahmad Rushdie (medical nutritionists). Dr Lakmal Kulasekara, Dr Sandaruwan Rajapaksha and Dr Nilanga Peiris arranged follow up for all dental cases. The remaining children with medical issues were referred to relevant specialists of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Borella. The screening programme will be followed up by onsite nutritional and ophthalmological interventional programmes and long-term monitoring.

The organizers would like to convey their sincere gratitude to all RCDA members for their professional assistance, to Loyalty Pledge for funding and guiding the programme, to the Master in charge of prefects and all prefects and stewards for timely participation, to the grade head and all teaching staff of grade 6 for their cooperation and to all the students for their participation.

Compiled by: Dr.Sandacan Waduge,Dr.Nayanajith Komasaru

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Royal Shuttle Service Successfully Concludes its ‘Three-Day Journey’ for 2018

The 2018 edition of the Royal Shuttle Service, successfully concluded its ‘three-day journey’ for the second consecutive year, with a record number of travelers using the service.

The Royal Shuttle Service offered a FREE & EXCLUSIVE transport service to the students and the teachers of  Royal College Boys Tent at the 139th Battle of the Blues, covering three routes; SSC to Panadura (along the Galle Road), SSC to Kadawatha (along Baseline & Kandy Roads) & SSC to Homagama (along the High Level Road).

The Royal Shuttle Service was deployed along the aforesaid  routes, after the day’s play on the 9th, 10th and 11th March, assuring a safe journey home, to almost 400 students and teachers of the  College.

In addition, a group of approximately 50 students of  St Thomas’ College Boys Tent also used the Royal Shuttle Service to reach home after the day’s play. This was a key highlight of the project in 2018 and a true occasion of keeping up with the real Roy-Tho spirit.

This exclusive service is a proud project of the Royal College Group of 2008, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, this year.


Sri Lanka Insurance was the Co-sponsor for the 2018 edition of the Royal Shuttle

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15th Anniversary Loyalty Pledge Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2017

The Royal College Union Skills Centre Auditorium was the venue for the 15th Loyalty Pledge Scholarship Awards ceremony, on 30th June 2017, to award 200 scholarships.

Donors, who were past Royalists and non-Royalists as well, were pinned Purple Orchids on their shirt lapels. Parents who had travelled from afar sat in the hall anticipating the event, and the students and undergraduates, proud recipients of the awards, crowded the ceremony, symbolic of transformation, progress and a journey of incessant love.

The 15th Anniversary of the Loyalty Pledge Ceremony also epitomised the vision of its founders, to empower young Royalists to become high achievers at Royal College, with a plan to succeed in the future, in a chosen career.

The event was presided over by the patron of Royal College Union (RCU), the Principal of Royal College, Mr. B.A. Abeyrathne. The selected recipients received their accolades from the Principal of Royal College, Vice-Principals, Past Royalists and Committee Members of Loyalty Pledge, at the ceremony.

Donors who had generously given, took time off to attend the ceremony. Non-Royalist well-wishers sent messages while foreign donors expressed positive sentiments about the programme. ‘Re-paying the debt’ to one’s beloved alma mater had influenced others to give as well, permeating to the society at large.

This year, 185 school students and 12 undergraduates who were short-listed for the awards ceremony were privileged to be part of the ceremony. The Loyalty Pledge Committee had spent weeks on assessing the details of the students to ensure that the benchmarks of 60 marks and participation in a sport and society were met. The 12 undergraduates that were present were also selected on merit and economic need.

The recipients were exposed to the experience, insights and wisdom of their senior Royalists on this special day.

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Annual Teachers’ Health Screening Programme –2018

On the 25th of February, marked the annual health camp successfully organised for the 19th consecutive year, by the Royal College Doctors’ Association for the present and past teachers of the College and their spouses.

Principal of Royal College Mr.B.A. Abeyrathna graced the occasion as the chief guest, while, former principals of Royal College Mr.B. Sooriarachchi & Mr. S.H. Kumarasinghe were present as guests of honour.

Rev sister Siyaguna, Secretary of Royal College past teachers’ association Mrs. Ramya Dharmavardene  , Vice Principal of the senior school Mr. P.Wickramasinghe,  Senior Games Master Mr. M.A.M Riyas,  assistant secretary of the RCU Mr.Mithila Mendis,  president of the RCDA Dr.Ajith Thennakoon and the secretary of the RCDA Dr.Dineth Jayawardhana were among the distinguished guests, present at the occation.

Over 450 teachers, both past and present, attended the screening programme.  Nearly 200 doctors, all being old Royalist, from diverse areas of specialisation gathered to offer their services as a mark of gratitude to the teachers of their almamater, as a means of repaying their debt.

The RCDA applauds, the chief organizer of the teachers clinic 2018 Dr. Manola Nanayakkara, and  his assistant organizers Dr Krishantha Peiris and Dr Dinesh Ranasinghe, for a  job well done; while acknowledging the effort of the sedulous and efficient  team of doctors who worked tirelessly with them for the past three months up to the run up of the event, in order to make this event, a roaring success.

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Alles – Gunasekara Cup: Inaugural Royal – Gateway Annual Basketball Encounter.

The glittering Alles-Gunasekera Cup made its inaugural journey to Reid Avenue to take shelter at Royal College when their Under-19 cagers scored a calculated win over Gateway College at the Henry Pedris Basketball Complex on Saturday, 17th Feb 2018.

The game got off at a terrific pace as both sides made speedy invasions into each other’s territory, with brave attempts to score.

Royal went ahead in the first quarter 18-11. Gateway tried to come back to the game in the second quarter adding 15 shoots, but Royal playing a more organised game closed with a 30-26 lead at half-time.

Both sides tried to dominate during the third quarter and the spectators witnessed a superb game of basketball, with some electrifying movements, with each school trying to improve their respective tallies.

Both sides missed some opportunities, but Royal never stopped from where they started and ended the third quarter with a lead of 40-34.

It was a ding dong battle in the final quarter, but Royal lived up to their reputation of National Schools Basketball champion and ended the game with a close 46-43 score, the proud winners of the inaugural encounter.

Chavaan De Costa of Gateway College was adjudged the Best Offensive Player while the Best Defensive Player award was won by Royal skipper Tharindu Balasuriya.

Rukshan Athapaththu of Royal College walked away with the Most Valuable Player of the Match award.


Inaugural Dinner

Royal College Basketball Advisory and Management Committee hosted a dinner at Royal College MAS Arena on 15th February 2018, to mark the inaugural Royal – Gateway Annual Basketball Encounter played for the Alles – Gunasekera Cup.

Players and support staff of both teams, Principal of Royal College and Chairman of Gateway College with their key school officials, members of the Joint Organising Committee, dignitaries of the RCU together with the members of the Royal College Basketball Advisory and Management Committee were present at this momentous occasion.

This dinner was aimed at building and developing camaraderie between both the teams and institutions to pave the way for a rich set of lasting traditions revolving around this prestigious encounter.


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