Royal College Cycle Parade 2024

The Cycle Parade is one of the most exciting events in the Big Match Season. It takes place on the day prior to the match and just after the General Assembly. It is where the March Madness engulfs Colombo‘s streets.

The Cycle Parade was introduced as a way to motivate the cricket team. In the early days, the parade was held from the College to the team captain’s home. At present however, the parade starts and ends at the College premises.

Students, teachers, and even the administrative staff take part in this special occasion. The College 1st XI cricket team rides on an open-top double-decker bus, with students cluttering behind them, new cheers erupting every minute. However, the main sight is the bicycles which the students ride in front of the team bus, hence the name. Royalists, regardless of their age, spend their time decorating their cycles with Blue and Gold just to join this event. The experience of cycling in Colombo streets with cheers all around is an experience these Royalists will never forget. In addition to cycles, many older students ride on decorated trucks, some with a papare band onboard. Furthermore, a vast number of sports, clubs and societies, and even student leaders hire trucks; and sometimes container-trucks, to add some spice to the parade. Many students can also be seen near these vehicles, dancing, singing and cheering. Some clubs and societies and sometimes teachers distribute refreshments on the way.

The Cycle Parade is an unforgettable event for every Royalist. The fact that only students can take part makes this event a precious reminder of the good old days for many old Royalists.
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