Appointment of Mr. Thilak Waththuhewa as Principal of Royal College

We extend a warm welcome to the new Principal of Royal College, Mr. Thilak Waththuhewa. Mr.
Watthuhewa is a qualified and experienced educator and education administrator who served in
several prestigious institutions prior to his appointment to the School on 11th August 2023.

Mr. Waththuhewa is a Certified Business Accountant (CBA) from the Institute of Chartered
Accountants Sri Lanka, with a Bachelors Degree in HRM from the University of Kelaniya (B.B.Mgt
HRM Special ), a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Open University) and a Master of Education
Planning and Management from IIEP, France.

He has previously been the Principal of Nalanda College and Richmond College. He also held several
senior positions in the Ministry of Education, including SLEAS 1, Zonal Director of Education – Galle,
Provincial Coordinator -NSBS Project -PMOE Southern, Zonal Director of Education – ZEO
Habanthota, Provincial Coordinator for several other projects and Assistant/ Deputy Director
Planning (Acting) and Assistant Director Commerce, Southern Province. He has also served in the
private sector with extensive experience, prior to working with the Ministry of Education.

He is a past student of Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala.

We wish you, Sir, a successful tenure at the helm of Royal College!

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Inaugural Publication of the ‘SERVE’ quarterly eNews Bulletin

I am pleased to forward the inaugural publication of the ‘SERVE’ eNews Bulletin published by the ORGACO, on behalf of the Royal College Union.

SERVE’ will be a quarterly publication and I request all old Royalists groups, professional bodies and overseas affiliates associated with the RCU to share news and information about projects, activities, events and any other newsworthy material related to Royal College or its alumnus, with the publishing committee (ORGACO) of the magazine.

I take this opportunity to thank the Deputy Chairman of the ORGACO and his committee, for taking the initiative to recommence a publication that will be an important platform to share news related to our alma mater, the RCU and its alumni.


Col. (Dr.) Hiran Wimalaratne
Secretary RCU / CEO

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Royal College Rugby Rally 1st December 2019

The Rally to raise funds for Royal Rugby For the 2020 Season, is an exciting event organized to generate a minimum Fund of Rs2.0M. The funds will be utilized to support the development and welfare of Royal Rugby Players thru the season and will go towards Nutrition,Rehabilitation,Medical Needs And Meals.

We , as the organizing Committee seek your support thru Participation As A Driver or thru a donation.Each Drivers contribution will be Rs25K and the Rally will be Approx 70KM s around Colombo and Suburbs and will commence From Royal College And End up At The Orient Club for Lunch and awards.The Duration of the Rally will be Approximately 3 Hours.

Any Donations can be made to our Acct As Follows

Seyla Bank Milleniun Branch Acct Royal College Rugby Rally Fund

Account 0860 00041373 004.Pl advise your deposit details to Prdeep De Silva,Hon Treasurer to obtain an Official receipt.He can be contacted on or mobile 077 9158536.

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Annual School Medical Inspection program (SMI) For Grade 1, 4 and 7 students – 2019 by Royal College Doctors Association (RCDA)

Recognizing the importance of early screening of medical problems prevalent among school children, the volunteer hands at the Royal College Doctors’ Association (RCDA) carried out the Annual School Medical Inspection Program on 9th– 11th of July 2019, at the Royal College premises.

In taking measures to detect and prevent diseases and ailments of subtle nature in order to ensure students’ uninterrupted wellbeing, studies, and sports, the RCDA with the patronage of the School health Officers from MOH, screened the students of Grade One, Four and Seven. In Each year, these medical examinations aimed at detecting, treating and following up on factors affecting the health and wellbeing of students such as the Nutritional status, Vision, hearing, psychological and other systemic medical illnesses.

On first two days, nearly 60 Doctors from RCDA and the Ministry of Health examined around 700 students from Grade One and Four and on the second day, about 640 students of Grade Seven were examined. In addition by adhering to the National Guidelines on De-worming Children; de-worming treatment was provided to all the Primary section students of the Royal College.

Of the students who took part in the medical checkup, those were identified with defects and diseases were referred to relevant specialized care for further investigation, treatment and follow up.

On the third day, students of Grade Seven were given “adult Tetanus and Diphtheria” (aTD) vaccine. About 520 students received the vaccine, which was the highest number of vaccinations given in a SMI program totaling 74% immunity coverage against Tetanus and Diphtheria. A team of old Royalist medical officers who are specialized in Anesthesia, Critical & Emergency care, together with School health unit staff carried out the immunization project, making certain that there were not any adverse reactions to vaccines administered against diphtheria and tetanus.

The effort and dedication of the medical ‘task force’ (RCDA) that is the Old Royalist Doctors who volunteer their expertise and sacrifice the time showing love, respect and care in returning the debt to their beloved Alma Mater must be commended and highly appreciated. A very special gratitude should be accorded to the organizers of the SMI 2019, Dr. H. R. Thambawita and Dr. P. D. Wijeratne of RCDA, for their untiring efforts in organizing and coordinating the event between the Schools Health office of the Ministry of Health and the Royal College to achieve highest immunization rate ever making this program a huge success.

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Healthy Royal Smile 2019

Royal College Doctors’ Association’s flagship dental project “Healthy Royal Smile” is an approved project of Royal College and Royal College Union. This is the pioneer project which initiated in 2014 with introduction of “save molar project” to dental public health in Srilanka. Healthy Royal Smile 2019 was organized for the sixth consecutive year with the encouragement of the Mr B.A. Abeyratne Principal of Royal College, Royal College Union and guidance of Dr. Ajith Tennakoon, president of RCDA and fullest support from the Dental Surgeons and medical officers of RCDA. It will never be a success without tireless commitment of Chief Organizer Dr. Nilanga Peiris, Vice President of RCDA and Project Co Chairmans Dr.Venura Abeyratne and Dr.Gayan Ranaweera

Inauguration was held on 5th of July 2019 at the white board room. Ceremony was graced by the presence of Consultant Oral and Maxillo facial Surgeon Dr. Suresh Shanmuganathan, President- Common Wealth Dental Association, President Elect- Asia Pacific Dental Federation / Asia Pacific Regional Organization, immediate past president of Sri Lanka Dental Association and also a old Royalist as the Chief Guest. Mr. M. V. S. Gunathilake- Senior Deputy Principal, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals and the staff members were represented the Royal College. Mr. Mithila Mendis- Secretary of Royal College Union, Maj. Dr. Hiran Wimalarathne- Assistant Secretary of RCU and Mr.Channa Gunasekara Treasurer of RCU represented Royal College Union. Mr Nadun Chandrarathne-Secretary of Loyalty Pledge was among the invitees. In his speech the chief guest praised the effort of RCDA for initiating and maintaining of this project.

Inauguration ceremony was followed by the screening of the 329 students of grade two section and after evaluation of data based on international standards, 94 students with high risk to develop dental caries in permanent dentition were selected for application of fissure sealants on 1st permanent molar teeth. Application of the fissure sealants for susceptible molar teeth of young Royalists is the pinnacle of the preventive effort, which is fully funded by the RCDA and carried out by the dental surgeons of the RCDA. All the students will be followed up and rescreened biannually and risk population identification, health education, treatment and evaluation will be continued.

Ministry of health is also highly praised RCDA’s pioneer “Save” molar project’’ and currently on discussion to introduce to all schools in Sri Lanka.

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Annual Grade 6 Screening Project , June 2019

Recognizing the importance of frequent medical examinations among school children, the volunteer hands at the Royal College Doctors’ Association (RCDA), in collaboration with the Loyalty Pledge, carried out the annual grade 06  screening programme on June 22nd  at college  premise.

Each year, these medical examinations determine factors such as Nutritional status, vision, hearing, psychological and other systemic illnesses. Past Royalist doctors participated in the screening process.

Total number of students screened were 613 and 246 found to have medical problems. Medical problems divided as follows

Medical Problem Category Number % of students with problem % from total students
Visual impairment 88 14 12
Overweight/Obese 35 5.7 5.1
Underweight 42 6.8 6.1
Dental issues 52 8.4 7.5
Psychological/Behavioral 22 3.5 3.2
Respiratory 09 1.4 1.3
Vaccination failure 05 0.8 0.7
Reduced Hearing 02 0.3 0.2
Cardiac 06 0.9 0.8
Dermatology 09 1.4 1.3
Lymphadenopathy 04 0.6 0.5

Of the students who took part in the medical checkup, those diagnosed with defects and diseases were referred to relevant clinics for investigation, treatment and follow up.

The RCDA wishes to convey its gratitude to Mr.B.A.Abeyrathne – the Principal of the Royal College, Mr Mithila Mendis, Secretary of RCU, Dr.Ajith Thennakoon – the President of the RCDA for their advice, guidance and encouragement. A special thank should be delivered to Dr Deshan Adihetti and Dr Amila Pathmathilake who had coordinated RCDA with the school authority and made a relentless effort in organizing a large scale event  like this successfully


The effort and dedication of the medical ‘task force’ at RCDA, that is the Old Royalists who volunteer their time and care must be commended and appreciated for the reason that they put much love and care in giving back to their beloved alma mater.


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Annual Hostel health Screening Programme – 2019

The Royal College Doctors Association (RCDA) conducted the Annual Health screening Programme for the students of the Royal College Hostel on the 30th June for the year 2019. This was aimed at promoting the health and wellbeing of the hostellers, who stay away from their homes and parents and under the care of the warden and school. Over 200 Students were screened and were referred to specialist opinion if needed. Specialists Doctors in General Pediatrics, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine and Psychiatry were present for specialized consultations and management. Eye and Dental clinics were stationed for detailed and extensive screening and treatment. Those students who have been identified to have chronic illnesses, referrals were done to specialized clinics for further investigations and follow ups.

For The second consecutive year special programme for adopting new environment and coping stressful situations was conducted for the grade 6 newcomers and proper identification of childhood behavior abnormalities for their parents are done by past royalist Pediatrics child psychiatrists Dr Wajantha Kothalawala and Miyuru Chandradasa simultaneously. Dr Ajith Thennkoon, President of RCDA, Mr Dhanuddara, the Warden, Royal College Hostel, and Mr. Mithila Mendis the Hon. Secretary of the RCU were also present at the event. The event was organized by Dr. Ashan George and Dinesh Pathiraja who made tireless effort to make this event a huge success.

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To be identified among images being attached (make sure all images submitted are in JPG format, and at least 1920px wide and less than 500kb file size, height of 500px should be fine)

Having had an excellent season last year and starting this year with some outstanding performances in both the track and field events at the Borella Division Meet, the athletes of Royal College emerged Champions at the Division Meet, held at the Sugathadasa Stadium on 12th and 13th of March, with 204 points.
Ananda and D S Senanayake Colleges tied for the 2nd place, with 96 points each. Significance of this victory was the winning margin, exceeding 100 points!

Positions secured as shown below,reflect this great achievement.


Name                                                                    Event                                    Position              

Under 12

Relay                                                                     4x50m                                   2nd


Under 14

Dilitha Ganegoda                                             80m                                    2nd

Dilitha Ganegoda                                             100m                                  2nd

Relay                                                                        4x100m                             3rd


Under 16

Sachith Tharaka                                               Discus                              1st

Senidu Udugama                                             Shot Put                            2nd

Thenura Adithya                                              Shot Put                             3rd

Nisal Peris                                                          High Jump                          1st

Lukshith Devasish                                           High Jump                          2nd

Shamil Pujana                                                 High Jump                          3rd

Thisal Thevinuka                                             200m                                  2nd

Tharinda Perera                                              Javelin                                2nd

Thisal Thevinuka                                             100m                                  2nd

Shamil Pujana                                                 100mHurdles                      2nd

Ulindu Prabashwara                                        400m                                   1st

Yohan Rividu                                                   400m                                   2nd

Ulindu Prabashwara                                    800m                                    3rd

Relay                                                                     4x400m                                 1st                                        

Relay                                                                     4x100m                                 2nd

Under 18

Nadun Bandara                                             400mHurdles                    1st

Thevidu Bogoda                                           Shot Put                               1st

Dojitha Liyanage                                           Shot Put                               2nd

Senuda Somakeerthi                                    800m                                    1st

Dulen Kularathna                                          200m                                    1st

Seniru Kasthriarachchi                               Javelin                                   1st

Thevidu Kalubowila                                    High Jump                             2nd

Nimash Mendis                                              High Jump                             3rd

Kavidu Pathirathna                                    Triple Jump                            3rd

Nadun Bandara                                                100m                                     1st

Dulen Kularathna                                           100m                                     2nd

Senuda Somakeerthi                                     1500m                                   1st

Pasan Lakshith                                              1500m                                   3rd

Nadun Bandara                                         110mHurdles                         1st

Dulen Kularathna                                         400m                                     1st

Dimuth Ganegoda                                        400m                                     3rd

Relay                                                                  4x400m                                 1st

Relay                                                                  4x100m                                 1st


Under 20

Savinda Dissanayaka                                       Shot Put                               1st

Isuru Perera                                                      Shot Put                               2nd

Isuru Perera                                                      Discus                                   1st

Miral Nethmina                                                  Discus                                   2nd               

Savinda Dissanayaka                                       Discus                                   3rd

Rajidu Yasojith                                                  800m                                     1st

Duvidu Opatha                                                  Javelin                                  2nd

Sachith Amaranayaka                                      Javelin                                  3rd

Seniru Amarasinghe                                         High Jump                           1st

Sacheen Seneviratne                                       200m                                     2nd                                       

Anupa Liyanagunawardena                             200m                                     3rd

Dinula Serasinghe                                          Triple Jump                            3rd

Sabeshan Kirupakaran                                   400mHurdles                         3rd

Anupa Liyanagunawardena                            100m                                     1st

Sacheen Seneviratne                                     100m                                     3rd

Kavidu Mendis                                               1500m                                   3rd

Samod Darmaraja                                         400m                                     3rd

Kassapa Amarasinghe                              Long Jump                              2nd

Relay                                                           4x400m                                    1st

Relay                                                           4x100m                                     1st

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Welcome to Royal College, Induction & Competency Enhancement 04 Day Workshop for New Teachers

Welcome to Royal College;  A Four Day workshop on “Induction & Competency Enhancement”


This four day workshop was organized for the new teachers, who joined the College on or after 01st January 2016, by the Old Royalists’ HR Professionals’ Association (ORHRPA), in collaboration with the Royal College Union. There has been  159 new additions to the College during the past  two and half year period which is over  40% of its total teacher population.


The main objective of this session was to unleash the potential  of the new teachers and to inculcate the Culture, Values and Traditions of the College in them,  for a better delivery and  to be better projected  amongst the Royal fraternity.


The topics covered  during this session, along with the respective resource persons were as follows  ;

  • Critical role of a teacher & expected standard of a Royal Teacher from a student’s (Old Boy’s) perspective : Mr. Ishan Dantanarayana – Chief People Officer, Brandix Group
  • Is teaching a difficult task? Psychological aspects of teaching : Mr. Ajith Jayawardane – Education, Career & Psychological Counsellor, Writer, Lecturer, Speaker & Lawyer
  • Leadership Lessons for Teachers : Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe – Former Navy Commander & Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia
  • Royal Culture & Values : Mr. Abhaya Amaradasa – Former RCU Secretary, Former Deputy Chairman of ORGACO, General Manager -ANCL
  • Teachers as Leaders : Prof. Ajantha Dharmasiri – Professor in Management, Director and Chairman of the Board of Management of PIM, Immediate Past President of IPM
  • Planning Organizing and Communication Skills : Mr. Mifaz Ahamed – Senior Manager  – Human Resource Development, Hemas Consumer Brands
  • Profile of a Royal Teacher : Mr. Kottahewa Amaradasa, Former Assistant Principal of Royal College
  • How to earn Respect : Mr. Rukmal de Silva (Ruki), Pathfinder & Chief Visionary Officer of 361 Degrees/Wild Drift
  • Profile of a Royal Teacher : Dayaratne Hennayaka, Former Assistant Principal of Royal College

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